‘A brilliant excuse to run around wildly and celebrate in wacky bomber jackets’

181024 - Crystal Maze.jpg

A number of us recently took part in the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in Manchester. Based on the popular 90’s TV show, the Experience utilises some of the original sets - most notably the Crystal Dome - but brought bang up to date up in a truly immersive 3D way.

Ahead of the event, anticipation of both Crystal Maze and the stopover in Manchester (in particular) were high. Fortunately, we were not disappointed: it turned out to exceed expectations by some margin with everyone feeling it’s been one of the best things we’ve ever done together.

Everyone is desperate to go back and improve on the 7 crystals and 150 tokens they acquired!

As the sales blurb says, this really is ‘a brilliant excuse to run around wildly, shout yourself hoarse, solve all sorts of problems and challenges and, best of all, celebrate in some wacky satin bomber jackets,’

Definitely one for the bucket list…….

Niven & BIM Stategy