Dynamo - Innovation Day

Dynamo Innovation Day


The Dynamo Digital Construction Cluster formed to promote the North East’s expertise in managing and delivering change in the way we deliver buildings and infrastructure. 

It all came about a few of our digital construction talking heads were asked to present at the Dynamo 2015 conference to excite people about our specialism -  we packed five speakers into half an hour and the IT and software community really seemed to engage with what we were saying so we thought we should definitely work together again to see who else we could connect with… Fast forward a couple of years, we’d built a great community, spawned a number of exciting projects and even found ourselves at the House of Lords promoting the IC3 initiative.  Then someone said hackathon… and we were off on a new mission.

The idea was we’d find a local construction client with a specific problem and we’d mobilise the weight of the region’s innovators to try to define some solutions inside of a pizza fuelled day.  In reality, we found four clients with great challenges and the pizza turned to sandwiches during the planning. 

What didn’t change was the intended result.  Over 40 people from over 25 organisations arrived in the morning ready to leave their logos at the door and set out about helping people. 

I had a great day in the Driving Change room, working on a challenge set by Your Homes Newcastle all about converting their three years of BIM thinking into company wide adoption.  Over the course of the day we manage to dig into their work to date and deliver a rich mind map containing the basis of a really strong strategy which had elements ready to start straight away. 


The other challenge rooms took on Driving Traceability in light of the Hackitt Report, Driving Efficiency which focussed on product data collection, and Driving Capability which looked at how to remove repetitive waste from the supply chain capability assessment process.  Each room presented there outcomes at the end of the day over a beer, and it was remarkable how much had been achieved.  There were actionable business outcomes, a wireframe mockup of a new web service, as ratified and improved data process and the draft outline of a proposal for a government programme to enforce traceability. 


If we work like this more often, we could repeat this success and tackle dozens of big issues together whilst setting the bar for construction innovation in the UK. 


Niven & BIM Stategy