Exciting Partnership Announcement

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A Few Days In The Smoke

I thoroughly enjoyed representing BIM Strategy in London this week talking to Viewpoint customers at their annual customer summit.  It was a great event and as always, the UK crowd showed how committed they are about great process and squeezing every bit of value out of their software for their projects. Amongst the detailed learning sessions, there was a couple of big announcements at the conference.

Firstly, was the launch of Viewpoint TEAM; a new release in the UK which is the product of thousands of hours of software development.  It looked great on the web interface and mobile devices and the live demo made it clear that TEAM is ready to use, which is always the first thing I consider when choosing new technology.  There are many many apps out there that nearly work, or would add value to our business if they only did one or two extra functions.

In my mind, this new solution fits into places where perhaps a full Viewpoint For Project (formerly 4projects) set up would be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  Think projects in that £1-4mil bracket, whether that’s smaller new builds, extensions, or a significant maintenance project. There are also opportunities deploy this alongside the other Viewpoint solutions, but I would advise caution here as the integration work isn’t complete so you’ll have to design your processes around this.  If you want to take a look, here’s a link.

The other big news is that the UK now has a dedicated Customer Success Team with a significant BIM knowledge base built in.  Former colleague and long-serving BIM evangelist Ben Wallbank is part of a team a team who are there to help viewpoint customers deliver efficient BIM projects using their knowledge gained from working with some of the most experienced team delivering BIM Level 2 today using Viewpoint software.   They are even delivering fantastically valuable, yet terribly named, BIM Audits for their customers to go over their approach to delivering BIM and suggesting areas where improvements could be found.  This is much more of a review-come-health-check which is intended to shine light on the art of the possible based on unique experience in the new team.

Where We Fit In

What is also exciting about these health-checks is that Viewpoint are identifying specialist partners to provide any follow-on support and services to make sure customers get much more than a list of improvements and a handshake.  This means they can signpost their customers to the right people to help them get the most out of their BIM Journey.  The first partners announced at the summit were BIM Strategy, BIM Academy and PCSG, which between us offer a fantastic variety of BIM services from half day support right up to business level strategic implementation.

The reason this is exciting for the team here at BIM Strategy is that these potential new customers are already bought into the need to digitise construction processes and tasks because they are working with their software partners to transform their business.  This means we’ll be able to hit the ground running and deliver great value right from the start.

Niven & BIM Stategy