A heartbroken disruptor

I’ve had a busy week at BIM Strategy bringing together a new Building Information Modelling event for Darlington.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for delivering a great #BIMtees17 experience.  However, it was tainted heavily when the tragic events at Grenfell Tower started unfolding the night before the main event.

I stepped up to deliver a presentation on the digital future of our construction industry as a wonderful and exciting career option for our youngsters at a time when we have created an environment ready to deliver world-leading innovation here in the UK once again.  This was set against an emerging background where somehow an interaction between our industry and a concrete tower block had vastly reduced its fire safety and lead to a devastating loss of life.  I won’t speculate on how this happened, but I will be bold enough to say this shouldn’t happen in a country which has had fire regulations since 1667.

I’m incredibly passionate about us lifting our game to deliver the architecture and infrastructure our society deserves through digitisation and collaboration, and I’m just one of a growing community of digital disruptors trying to enact change to the whole lifecycle of construction projects.  To see a disaster like this on our watch is frankly devastating.  Despite no personal involvement, I feel genuinely heartbroken that we have let so many people down.

I can do nothing more than pledging my career to improving what we do and how we do it, whilst encouraging and assisting others to up their game too.  By the day I retire I want to be able to say I was part of a construction revolution that removed the possibility of another Grenfell Tower,  as well as creating the diverse, vibrant, socially valuable and innovative construction industry which feels so close to being within reach.

It will take courage and dogged determination to deliver the scale of change required. We need to really believe we can change things.  Let’s rediscover the courageous nature of our British design and construction past, and together we can achieve the incredible.


(This post is my own thoughts may not reflect those of BIM Strategy or Niven Architects)


Delivering a better industry will take time, buying the charity single to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire takes seconds.

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