Digital Transformation, My Inner-Monkhouse

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I recently had the pleasure of hosting Digital Transformation, an event at Teesside University to promote the regional approach to replacing traditional heavy industry with digital industry.  Digital City has been leading the digital charge in the Tees Valley and made this event possible; thankfully the working title of Digital Smoggies was weeded out along the way.  I’ve gained a reputation as the digitally disruptive equivalent to Bob Monkhouse* for this type of thing through my involvement in the Tees Valley Digital Strategy Board, so when Digital City asked me to get involved I was happy to help.

When I arrived, I had well-rehearsed introduction ready for a room full of SMEs who were early in their digital journey;  but a quick look at the attendee list I realised it was the wrong vibe.  As a 15 strong architectural practice and digital construction consultancy,  I was there as one of the smallest businesses, and those in the room were certainly not looking to me to ease them into a digital era.  Time to panic because all prep was wasted.  No chance.  It was time to miss the sausage sandwiches, make a few notes and channel my inner-Monkhouse…

The room was full of petrochem, engineering and oil and gas giants,  all of which have so many issues which align to the challenges construction have been addressing on the subject of information management.  No client requirements, C-suite buy-in to data, people wanting to play with IIOT, VR and AI before they have established a foundation or formed a shared ontology. The progress we have made in construction since the mandate came into sharp focus as those in industries without a government mandate were clambering for one, and the same discussions we all had  – around 2012 about how national mandates conflict with international business  – filled the conversation in the panel discussion.

We had a great conversation, with an engaged audience who I’m sure got plenty out of hearing the thoughts from some really innovative businesses, as well as the academic angle from Professor Nash Dawood.   After this event, I headed to Digital Construction Week with renewed rigour about how well we have done over the last decade and ready to roll my sleeves up and help the UK BIM Alliance make this great work stick for the whole industry.  It was a truly great event this year and you can read some of my thoughts on BIM+ here, however, my choice of attire drew more comparisons to Phil Collins than Bob Monkhouse. I digress; for it’s back now it’s back to Tees Valley business…

Free BIM workshop

I’ve teamed up with Teesside Univesity and Digital City to deliver on a subject where I don’t have to trade on my game show hosting skillset.  BIM.  Back in my comfort zone helping local businesses gain an understanding of what BIM means to them, how they can benefit and where the risks lie.  We’re delivering a half day BIM workshop, and thanks to Digital City, there will be the opportunity for a number of attendees to receive one to one BIM consultancy with BIM Strategy after the event.  So if you are a local construction business who want to know more about BIM, sign up here to come along for FREE.   Or, if you have any supply chain partners who are based in the Tees Valley,  please pass this along as I’m keen to pack the place to the rafters and make sure we upskill as many people as we possibly can and make to sure the other industries in the region continue to look longingly at how well we are progressing along our digital journey.

See you there!

John (AKA- #BIMMonkhouse #CollinsBIM).

[*Bob Monkhouse is a cast iron legend and if people find me even half as engaging as the great man himself I’ll be truly delighted and humbled]

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