Schadenfreude BIM

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I very kindly got a copy of the National BIM Survey 2018 through the underground network of BIM tunnels that run beneath the North East – (now you know how we do it!). So I had planned a to deliver a blog post about the survey as a whole today to give you all a flavour of the report from an independent view. However, I’ve been distracted by the chart below which is jumping out as an incredibly provocative result. Just 4% of the respondents believe that the BIM mandate has been ‘very successful’and more than 3 times as many believing it has been ‘not at all successful’.


Frankly, I don’t know how to feel about it…

I’ve always been aware that being part of the BIM-o-sphere, there is a positive confirmation bias that can become a bit of an echo chamber.  This usually manifests itself in the Nation BIM Report each year with some wild results like 70% of organisations reaching BIM Level 2 (Spoiler Alert…they’re not). But there is a massive disparity here,  do people really believe their adoption of BIM has not been impacted by the mandate?

I do have a feeling that some of this result can be put down to schadenfreude. Simply because it was government-led rather than industry-led there are some who want to point and laugh at the areas which have been least successful, like all government departments being able and ready to procure in a manner consistent with BIM Level 2 by 2016. But surely this only explains a minority slipping towards a negative response.

In my mind, the UK Government BIM mandate has been a huge success in accelerating a much-needed digitisation of our industry in a structured approach. Did they hit every coconut they aimed for in 2011? Well, no they didn’t, but to claim the work of the BIM Task Group and the #ukBIMcrew to make BIM Level 2 practically inevitable over the next decade is deeply unfair and IMHO way wide of the mark.

I’d love to debate this further, especially with anyone who believes they are reaching Level 2 and their journey was totally independent of the mandate.

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