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For nearly 50 years, the A. Proctor Group has been serving the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products. The Group provides a wide range of high quality, innovative solutions which are designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry.

BIM Strategy worked closely with Proctor Group to understand the challenges they faced in getting their high-performance products specified on projects.  It became clear that their innovative approach to creating airtightness, gas protection and insulation project often meant a change to standard project details which sometimes required some redrafting of technical information.  By taking a fresh look, we designed a series of Revit system families which allows for these changes to be made in just a few moments within this leading architectural software. .

These new model families makes including their membranes much simpler and quicker.  We had such a great time going on a BIM journey together we decided to deliver a joint webinar to share the learning.  You can find it here along with their BIM content


Client: A. Proctor Group

Status: Ongoing

Role: Content Creation


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